DSPAT Textile

Let's go to know about blog categories

1. Fiber Manufacturing and its process -

This category includes the production process of textile fibers, classification of them, the thermal, physical, and chemical process of fibers, and the contribution of fibers in textile materials. Fiber is the basic component of any textile material why the beginning of the textile study with fibers knowledge is great.

2. Yarn manufacturing -

This category includes the ginning and spinning process to produce yarn. staple and filament spinning yarn producing machines, cleaning and mixing of fibers, material flow, twist insertion, and other processes.

3. Fabric manufacturing -

This category includes the weaving process, chemical treatments, and finishing of the fabric. In addition, woven fabric types, application, weave designs, and fabric structures are also involved.

4. Garment manufacturing and Fashion trade -

This category includes all processes from gray finished fabric to garment packing, Garment demands, and its technology, design of garments, and fashion industry.

5. Textile testing and Product management -

This category includes fibers, sliver, yarn, and fabric testing, Their different parameters, and their effect on the final product.

QMC includes quality management and control of products while Product management includes cost and efficiency of production in the industry.